Dashwood Projects, our ancillary space at 56 East 4th Street—between Bowery and Second Avenue just a few blocks from Dashwood Books, opened March 14, 2024.  It is an experimental space to extend the life and boundaries of our publishing program dedicated to exhibitions and selling work by artists we’ve collaborated with over the years. 

Nick Sethi: SRI

Photographs by Nick Sethi from 2022 of Vrindavan, an ancient city and pilgrimage site rooted in Indian mythology that investigate physical manifestations of respect and value through ritual, decoration, utility and touch.  Sethi’s main installation is an 8 x 8 foot shrine-like sculpture made up of of 288 photographs sealed within protective bags.

Opening: 07/11/24

Ari Marcopoulos: Sumo Judo

Photographs by Ari Marcopoulos of Sumo wrestlers at the Kokonoe Stable in Tokyo in 2013 paired with Judo students photographed in 2023 at the Kyoto University Gymnasium.

Opening: 05/16/24

Daido Moriyama Shashin Jidai 1981—1988
写真時代  森山大道  一九八一 〜 一九八八年

This inaugural exhibition at Dashwood Projects is comprised of a selection of silver gelatin prints, posters and original tearsheets drawn from each of the six serialized essays published in the Japanese Magazine Shashin Jidai by Daido Moriyama.

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Opening: 03/14/24

Wednesday to Friday
Noon to 5pm

1 to 6pm
56 East 4th street 
New York, NY 10003